Exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum

BANNERolgaMOUSEIO-1-2-TEL3From 19/6 to 19/8 at the Museum’s Cafe area. Press release from the museum’s website here.

The National Archaeological Museum, a major venue of civilization in the heart of the capital, with the exhibition of Olga Chandeli’s works, titled «Figures and Memory», inaugurates its new cultural activity that entails hosting every two months in the area of the Museum Cafe an exhibition of contemporary art works by a Greek visual artist. It is yet another cultural contribution to the visitors of the Museum, as well as the inhabitants of Athens.

In her purely anthropocentric works the painter and sculptor Olga Chandeli retrieves figures from mythology and ancient Greek tragedy. She visually invites the initiated mind to ‘whisper’ ancient verses or perceive passions of ‘gods and humans’ out of our mythology. She invites and challenges us all to go back to the ancient sources and contemplate the diachronic drama of man, the rational human being, as well as aspects of the evolving human behaviour. Through her works Olga Chandeli aims at stimulating our sensitivity for the restitution of harmony and balance, for our return to the Classical ideal.

Dr George Kakavas
of the National Archaeological Museum
Acting Director