olga_chandeli_bioOlga Chandeli was born in Cairo, Egypt.

In Athens she attended painting courses and studied Applied Arts at the Free Fine Arts School of Vakalo. In 1970 the municipality of Patras assigned her with the planning and performance of the Carnival. She was employed by the National Opera House of Athens as a painter and was engaged with the stage scenery and costumes. During this period she also worked with advertising, architectural interior decoration, refurbishment – alteration of external facades and shop windows designing, painting and sculpting. She has received awards for participation in various contests.

In a period of thirty years, with her husband George Famelis, a visual artist too, they have worked for the conservation and restoration of art in Athens, Paris and London. They have collaborated for many years with the Ethnological History Museum and Benaki Museum.

At the same time, she creates paintings with oil, collages, mixed media, as well as sculptures made of clay, bronze, cast stone and mixed media.


  • Honourary medal from the Cultural Affairs & Missions Sector of the Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt
  • Certificate of Appreciation and Acknowledgement for outstanding performance and lasting contribution to the activities of the Egyptian Cultural Center in Athens
  • Diplôme de Sélection, Universal Competition IAG 1976, Monaco
  • Diplôme avec mention spéciale et félicitation du jury, Universal Competition IAG 1975, Monaco
  • Honourary medal, Universal Competition «IL PENNELO D’ ORO», Corno Giovine-Milano, Italy